UBDdns.Org provide you with a complete solution for dynamic domain name you can create your own dynamic domain in accordance with the following manner  
I. to apply for an account
II. Login
III. Add your dynamic domain name
IV. UBDdns provide a way to update your IP

1. use URL to update your IP


Please enter the URL in the browser, where the parameters  

A. account with a pass to you are applying for an account with a password


B. userdomain for your dynamic domain name


C. maindomain for


page will reply in the head section meta name = 'repy' content = '0' and html section reply 'request code is 0'  

A request code (repy) 0:. Update successful


B request code (repy) 1:. userdomain error


C request code (repy) 2:. Unknown error


D request code (repy) 3: Account password error


Technical contact, please contact (886) 04-22605121 or email to service